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Limited Edition

PRIMROSE RECO MASQUE winner of the best hair treatment of 2019 awarded by the most prestigious Australian Hair Industry Awards (AHIA). Evoke your sense and immerse yourself in total luxury with the crafted scent and the intense high performance hydration. Your hair will love you.

ANTIFRIZZ HYDROCREME is the perfect leave-in styling creme for hair that needs anti-frizz taming. Curly or straight, this ultimate professionals tools works instantly. Infused with a full deck of 33 certified organic ingredients and contains One of our favourite scents.

VOLUDUST POWDER is a favourite of photographic and catwalk hair stylists. Quickly helps add volume and definition as it disappears into your hair. Convenient as a portable concentrated dry shampoo.
A perfect handbag companion.

Luxury Organics

The Ultimate Fusion Of Luxury and Organics
The DNA Luxury Organics range is a fusion of Australian certified organic ingredients, plant extracts and laboratory raw compounds. 100% Australian made with passion.
* Evocative unique DNA scents and aromas are passionately hand curated by our expert perfumer, the Nose (French: le nez).
* Sleek, clean, fresh and organic packaging by our master designers who are studied in the arts and philosophy of modern minimalism.
* Award winning high performance formulas are a result of a passionate collaboration between dedicated cosmetic engineers and talented industry hair and skin experts.
A luxury experience that is hard to forget

Certified Organic Ingredients

A Closely Guarded Secret
Our unique secret blends are known to only a handful of curators at DNA. We guard these secret blends very closely and only ever mix these on specific dates, onsite, in Sydney.
The final blends are stored in specially marked unidentifiable storage capsules for immediate use or international transport.

40 key certified organic oils and powders have been identified, each chosen for their contribution to hair and skin. We only ever use the finest individual ingredients, purchased and certified organic in Australia. Our supplier is one of the most respected purveyors of fine certified organic ingredients in the world.
DNA, the Organics Specialist.

Australian Born & Owned

100% Australian Owned
In 1995 we started with no budget and no business plan. We actually had no idea about business. We had no plans to market or sell our creations. We just wanted to create a hair product with the least amount of harsh chemicals, one that contained as much food ingredients as possible and that smelt and felt like it was picked fresh from the garden.

From humble beginnings in a suburban Sydney kitchen, today, we have grown into the most trusted name in professional luxury hair and skincare organics worldwide.

From Australia to the rest of the world with passion.

We Know Organic Colour

Organic Based Colour and Care
We know organic hair colour, organic hair care and organic hair treatments. Every DNA hair colour is infused with the 33 of the finest Australian certified organic ingredients.

The Ethical Brand

Truth In Packaging
With so much deliberate misinformation regarding cosmetic ingredients it is our pleasure to answer the most frequently asked questions with honesty and integrity. Just like all ethical brands should.

Award Winner!

2019’s Best Hair Treatment
Primrose Reco Masque won Best in Treat at the (AHIA) Australian Hair Industry Awards. Our most luxurious award winning hair treatment is vegan, Australian made and cruelty free.

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